Press Excerpts

Bernhard Gál: CD 'same difference' (2010)

"...the lyricism of a defoliated minimalism while maintaining impressions of inscrutability and, not infrequently, irony. (...) a record whose cryptic traits conceal an unassuming charm."
Massimo Ricci (Paris Transatlantic, France)

"taut, compacted minimalist statements."
Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector, UK)

"... a lovely, evocative work that wavers between traditional sounds and contemporary modes in a wonderfully unforced manner, dream-like yet touching earth now and then."
Brian Olewnick (Just Outside, USA)

"ovvero: il trionfo del buon gusto"
Mario Biserni (Sands-Zine, Italy)

"Gal's sensitivity to environmental sounds, combined with his awareness of spatiality and ability to involve
musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, allows him to create music of ghostly, yet intimate, beauty."
Glen Hall (Exclaim, Canada)

" dei nomi più importanti di questo inizio secolo. (...) Con questo disco Gál realizza una delle sue opere più interessanti."
Mario Biserni (Sands-Zine, Italy)

"ein Brückenbauer zwischen zwei unterschiedlichen Kulturpositionen (…) Ein Spagat, der in diesem Fall mehr als gelungen ist."
Michael Ternai (mica, Austria)



Bernhard Gál: CD 'relive' (2008)

"probabilmente è il miglior disco mai pubblicato da Gál."
(Stefano I. Bianchi, Blow up, Italy)

"a half-architect, half-chiaroscuro painter whose musical conception still privileges the probing of silence as a crucial starting point for investigation."
Massimo Ricci (Brain Dead Eternity, Italy)

"Bernhard Gal is an ‘ear camera.’ (...) His listening is so acute, so sensitive that the field recordings that form the basis of many of
his pieces are rendered with the precision and attention to detail one expects from a Leica or Hasselblad in an expert’s hands."
Glen Hall (Exclaim, Canada)

"an excellent player on the microsound scene. (…) Things buzz, hum, crack in a highly intelligent way and never leap into boredom"
Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly, Netherlands)

"“It’s a fine, fine disc which, instead of the so fashionable tendency to re-benchmark one’s own work with every release,
encapsulates the whole of one’s recent work cleverly, drawing upon itself as its own source material.”
Al Jones (Bagatellen, USA)

"Suggestive Live-Performances zwischen ätherischen Klaviertönen, Sprachfragmenten, Lauten aus Natur und Technik
sowie harten, aber differenzierten Noise-Attacken (…) Diese Hörthriller bringen Assoziationen zum Sprudeln."
[Walter Weidringer (Die Presse, Austria)

„…zwischen hochkonzentrierten, präzisen Klangauslotungen, schier hinterfotzigen Konzepten und zufälligen
Gegebenheiten (…) Spannendes Teil."
Heinrich Deisl (Skug, Austria, July 2009)

“…something that's become part of my personal environment (…) It's sparse and awkward, environmental
and somehow perfectly complements things I do in my personal space.”
TJ Norris (, USA, January 2009)

„… Die Behutsamkeit, mit der Gál hierbei zu Werke geht, verdeutlicht, dass er sich der Suche nach Effekten
verweigert und stattdessen seine Aufmerksamkeit auf den Wahrnehmungsprozess und die Intensität der Hörerfahrung richtet.“
Stefan Drees (Positionen, Germany, May 2010)
Marita Emigholz (Nordwestradio, Germany, December 2008)

"Top List"
Susanna Bolle (WZBC, USA)



Bernhard Gál: Catalogue Book & audio CD 'Installations' | CD 'Installations' (2005)

“...highlights the breadth and richness of Gal’s soundworld (...) An unmissable publication.”
Rahma Khazam (The Wire, UK)

"(...) This makes this CD into both a fine display of his many talents, but also something that can hold the attention for its entire seventy-four minutes"
Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly, Netherlands)

"(...) at once both spare and immersive, Gal's sound and light constructions are delicate and peaceful in their strength, clarity, and focus."
Seth Cluett (sound art list /, USA)

"(...) In all an extremely interesting, beautiful and highly worthwhile collection, presenting many aspects of these slow and careful exploratory sound-art works. Highly recommended."
Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector, UK)

"Top Ten List"
Susanna Bolle (Forced Exposure, USA, August 2006)

"bellissimo (...) un’unica suite"
Etero Genio (Sands-Zine, Italy)

"Besonders zu empfehlen sind die in einen Schwebezustand führenden „Defragmentations“ in rot bzw. blau."
Alfred Pranzl (Skug, Austria)